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Prof. Dr. Khaled Abd Elraouf Ebada

Prof. Dr. Hellalq Amina

Dr. SabaYunus

ISBN 978-81-934174-5-4


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Design of Coronary Stent: Identification and Analysis of Parameters
Design of Coronary Stent: Identification and Analysis of Parameters
2Marathi Text to Speech Conversion using Raspberry-Pi Embedded System
Shirbahadurkar S. D., Shiurkar U. D. and Khadake Yogeshwari
3t-SNE based Multi-mode Medical Image Fusion Algorithm
Patil Hanmant Venkatrao, Dr. Shirbahadurkar Suresh Damodhar and Dr Ulhas Dattatraya Shiurkar
4Optimization of Food Ingredients Composition for Outpatients with Heart Disease Using Cosine PSO
Imam Cholissodin, I Gusti Ayu Putri Diani and Suprapto
5A Review Paper on Attendance Marking System based on Face Recognition
Khem Puthea, Rudy Hartanto and Risanuri Hidayat
6Taguchi Optimization for Nickel-Cobalt Extraction Process using Cyanex 272 from Laterite
Sudibyo, A Junaedi, A Aziza and P Manurung
7Investigation of Cold Work Hardening Behavior of AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Uğur Özdemir, Selçuk Keskinkılıç, Filiz Kumdalı Acar and Mustafa Acarer
8Formulation and Antioxidant Evaluation of Lotion Kleinhovia Leaves Extract
Suryani, A.Eka Purnama Putri and Rahma Sari Camalia
9Imputing Missing Values in Mammography Mass Dataset: Will it Increase Classification Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms?
Zahriah Sahri, Fahmi Arif, Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad, Rabiah Ahmad and Rubiyah Yusof
10Eroded Agriculture Land Conservation Method Based on Dose Response Economic Valuation for Sustainable Land Maintain: A Case Study in Bompon Watershed, Magelang, Central Java
Shinta Devi Wulan Sari and Vicka Larasati Purdadi
11The Carbon Sequestration Potential of Converting Sweet Chestnut Coppice Biomass into Biochar
Ida Bagus Mandhara Brasika, Julia Mason, Luis Brown Castellanos and Marika Samuelsson
12Water Quality of Sinamar River Lima Puluh Kota District West Sumatera Based on Structure of Microalgae Periphyton as Bioindicator
Reni Ekawaty, Harmailis and Abizar
13A Study on Improvement of Route Plan by Using the Approximate Model Made by pSeven Big Data Technology
Chao.Chen, Jeong-Jin.Lee, Dae-Han.Choi and Sang-Su.Byeon
14Effects of Harmonic Pollution on Three-Phase Electrical Motors
Eleonora. Darie and Emanuel. Darie
15Application of Ecological Architecture Concept in Student Dormitory in Yogyakarta Case Study University Student Dormitory in Yogyakarta
Jarwa Prasetya Sih Handoko
16Simulations of Gas Dispersion Arising From Gas Venting Process Using Cellular Automata
Agus. Yodi Gunawan, Rio Harapan, Aditya. Firman Ihsan and Darmadi Soetikno
17Marital Life - A Bliss or A Curse
Marital Life - A Bliss or A Curse
18The Development of Local Community-Based Creative Tourism at Cicadas Area, Bandung
Wientor Rah Mada & Budi Wibowo
19Effect of Carbonation on Mechanical Properties & Durability of Concrete with Replacement of Sand by Pond Ash
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tripathi, Sri Ram Krishna Mishra